Theta Healing:
Subconscious Belief Clearing
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What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing is a technique that focuses mainly on healing harmful thoughts and core beliefs that hold us back. Theta Healing teaches how to use our natural intuition, release subconscious thoughts that no longer serve us and replace them with their positive counterparts using the Theta brainwave cycle. The theta healer witnesses the emotional and physical healings for the client as Creator/Universe/God/etc. (whichever resonates with you the most) does the actual “healing”. I facilitate, guide and witness, helping to solidify immediate changes for you.

Belief Work:

Core beliefs are often formed in early childhood from what we hear our parents say and how we are treated. Genetic beliefs are handed down through our DNA from our ancestors just as physical traits are. Soul beliefs from lessons the soul has learned, and finally we can carry beliefs from our past lives. We work on clearing/healing these beliefs on all levels so these negative thoughts no longer stand in your way of what you want to achieve and how you want to feel in this life. These maladaptive coping mechanisms are the subconscious attempting to protect you. We work to heal these and connect more with the soul than the ego.

Taking Action:

During the session, we use muscle testing and intuition to find limiting beliefs. Once we clear these beliefs for the client, they experience life with more ease and joy and have an all-around feeling of how they ‘should’ experience this life.

Some common negative belief examples are, Money is the root of all evil”. How are you supposed to earn or hold onto money when you carry this negative subconscious thought?. Your subconscious thoughts unbeknownst to you will drive your actions and decisions to keep money out of your life. “I’m not lovable”. This one comes up a lot with someone who is searching for the one only to be left again and again.

Here’s some more: “I am a victim, bad things are always happening to me” People with this belief unconsciously choose situations where they will inevitably become a victim without consciously knowing they’re repeating the cycle. It is Negative subconscious beliefs are powerful to release and replace with the positive opposite thought. Many aspects of your life can change for the better once they’re cleared. I know how to find these subconscious beliefs, ask the right questions and witness the belief change for you. There are often physical healings after subconscious thoughts are healed. As you know, everything is connected.

If you could change anything in your life right now, what would it be?

60 minute session – $100

3 pack of 60 minute sessions – $270

30 minute introductory session – $55

The short session is good for someone who is curious about Theta and would like to try it out.

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