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Intensively Healing Acne Program

There is something you need to know and believe – There IS hope. There really is. You may have “tried it all” and have been told your painful acne is “just genetics”. I’m here to tell you that I am dedicated to quickly reduce your breakouts, help fade the scars and help smooth out the texture of your skin. We will achieve these results while guiding you through skin health consultations that encourage experimenting with your environment for you to take control and reduce your future breakouts.

This program is for you if:

You’ve tried it all. Proact, Clean and Clear, that stuff that worked for your friend but not for you, Stridex pads etc. etc. etc. Some of it worked for a little while only for your acne to return. You may have even seen the dermatologist who has recommended Accutane. Your acne is painful and difficult to cover up. It’s tough to leave the house without makeup and face to face conversations can be anxiety inducing. This program is for you if you’re ready to to put acne behind you and show your clear healthy skin.

Why this program works better than anything you’ve tried:

Acne has many causes. Hormones, dead skin build up, sluggish digestion, irritating facial products, genetics and the list goes on. A prescribed topical cream, cleanser, antibiotic or facial may temporarily help clear your acne, but it comes back because those tools don’t address what is causing your acne and these products tend to be too drying, resulting in even more oil production.

This program works because it involves custom targeted facial treatments to quickly treat current acne, acne scars and skin texture while we investigate for your specific root cause(s) and treat them through effective and proven methods to reduce inflammation and bacteria so your skin can finally clear up and heal.

What you get with this program:

This program provides immediate relief from acne, acne scars and rough skin texture as well as personalized ways to stop new acne from forming. We begin with acne targeting facial treatments that are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and highly exfoliating letting the skin breathe and heal.

Before and during your treatments we will talk about your experience with acne and what you’ve already tried to combat it. We then begin experimenting with recommendations you can do at home including environment, diet and lifestyle. We will troubleshoot the root cause of your acne and with some dedication on your part you can put an end to it.

  • 2 professional cystic acne targeting facial treatments a month:Cystic Acne Program
    • One facial including microdermabraision, steam, extractions
    • One PCA Skin Jessner’s peel including detox gel, steam & extractions
  • 2 skin health consulting sessions targeting the root cause of acne and a confidential, non-judgemental outlet to express the frustrations created from having acne.
  • Home recommendations to experiment with between treatments including environment, diet, gut health, hormone balancing, products, stress etc.
  • 10% off professional products from the PCA Skin acne targeting protocol to use daily.
  • Discounts for students and military available

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Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne.

It is painful, inflamed and persistent. Since it’s often under the skin it takes more than just external products or internal prescription drugs. This program gives you exactly what you’ve been desiring: Both IMMEDIATE RELIEF and addressing the root cause(s) so it STOPS.

Considering Accutane or antibiotics?

These treatments are often presented by skin professionals as the only option to treat acne. You’ve found this webpage because you’re looking for alternatives to these aggressive methods that tend to work only short term and can be very devastating to your health. Accutane is illegal in other developed countries after a long history causing of major birth defects, thoughts of suicide, depression and bowel diseases such as Crohn’s Disease. Even though there are thousands of cases filed against accutane, plenty of generic accutane brands such as Sotret, Claravis, etc. are still recommended by doctors. There is another way, sign up for my program and get relief now.

Strong antibiotics prescribed for acne are taken orally for acne and also tend to work short-term. They wipe out ALL of your gut’s good bacteria that was aiding your digestion. Since having a good digestive system helps reduce acne, the antibiotics can actually make acne worse. At the end of the day, these drugs do not treat the root cause of your acne. This program is drug-less and searches for the root cause of your acne while immediately treating it.

Why a program instead of just a product or treatment? 

Getting a facial or peel here and there, will give you temporary minimal results. We hit your acne hard and consistently in this program. The acne treatments deeply exfoliate, allowing the skin to breathe and the pores to be cleaned of excess bacteria, sebum, makeup and dead skin buildup.

Staying on top of exfoliation while addressing the different causes of acne and making small environmental changes including products, diet, anxiety and sleep is a full spectrum program to heal acne, instead of using just one modality. The program is designed to get both immediate results and long-lasting results unlike any other treatment.


Get immediate relief from your acne and acne scars.

Imagine yourself wearing less makeup, no longer being self-conscious in public.

Take control of your skincare by ending the cause of your acne during this program.

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3 Month Cystic Acne Program


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