PCA Skin Peels

Are you wondering if peels hurt, if you turn bright red or if you actually shed your skin? Are you picturing Samantha in Sex and the City? You’ve come to the right place to learn how awesome my custom peels are.

There are many different grades of peels, some are way too aggressive for my taste. The peels I’ve become an expert at are highly results-oriented for:

  • Anti Aging – reduce wrinkles, reduce fine lines, increase your own collagen production.
  • Acne Reduction and Acne Scar Lightening – My custom peels are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory significantly reducing acne, from blackheads to deep painful under the skin acne. They also clean the pores, shrink the pores and deeply exfoliate the built up dead skin layers that trap bacteria under the skin.
  • Evens Skin Tone – Reduces/eliminates sun spots, age spots, hyper-pigmentation, acne scars, even melasma. Reducing the amount of makeup many people feel they need.
  • Smooths skin surface – Removes rough dead skin layer. Allows for better daily product absorption and easier makeup application.

The most rewarding part of providing these peels is reducing/eliminating the amount of foundation and powder women feel they need in order to just leave the house.

What to expect: The peel is 40 minutes and is more clinical than relaxing. It is much more results-oriented than a facial. We start with two face washes, the second deep cleanses anything we missed in the first wash. We follow with a toner and depending on how tingly the toner is and what your skin care goals are, I choose the sensitive, normal or extra strength peel. From there we can apply the peel multiple times depending on skin sensitivity. During the peel I fan your face and tend to any itchy spots. Tingly/itchiness during the peel is very short lived. After the peels, I apply multiple serums depending on your skin care goals, and we finish with moisturizer, lip peptide and eye treatment.

Two days after the peel you will typically ‘flake’ a little bit instead of ‘peel’. The more moisturized you keep your skin, the less flaking. You will go about your daily protocol as normal the next morning. I check in with you day two to make sure everything is going fine and to see if you have any questions.

Depending on your skin care goals, you may achieve them from one peel. Others have three peels in a row monthly once a year. Your treatment will be based on your skin care goals. V-neck decollete are included in my peel service. I offer PCA Skin products to help reach your goals in-between your peels should you want to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Find this same peel locally elsewhere for $110

PCA Skin Chemical Peel: $85
Two-pack package: $150
Three-pack Series: $210

Top of hands: $10
Extended chest and shoulder area: $15
Back peel as an add-on: $50
Back peel on its own: $85

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